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What Employers Need to Know About Candidate Work Model Preferences

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How organizations get work done and how people choose to work is changing as employers expand their workforce mix options beyond the traditional permanent, full-time role. Markets around the world, however, are embracing these alternative work models to varying degrees. In an era of talent shortages and skills gaps, effective workforce planning needs to account for how people want to work now.

The research looked at the following questions:

  • How do candidates want to work?
  • What type of work would candidates prefer?
  • How are candidates currently working?
  • What motivates candidates and what influences their work preferences?

As part of ManpowerGroup’s Global Candidate Preferences Research, How We Want to Work: What Employers Need to Know About Candidate Work Model Preferences, provides insights into these very questions, helping employers more effectively attract and retain the best candidates.

Key Insights

Explore key findings from the research.

ManpowerGroup Solutions uncovered what impacts the candidate experience during a job search, including candidate behaviors and motivators when looking for employment. The results revealed important trends impacting retention and recruitment, including what drives candidates to job search, the tools they use, the challenges they face and the extent to which companies play a role in their hiring decisions.

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