Total Workforce Index™ Global Ranking
Total Workforce Index™ Regional Ranking
Remote Readiness Ranking

Permanent Workforce Index Ranking

Contingent Workforce Index Ranking

Informal workforce as a percentage of total workforce

Remote work suitability : UN e-participation level : Individuals using internet : Households w/ computer :




Total Workforce: million

Breakdown by Generation

  • Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1965):
  • Generation X (born between 1966 and 1975):
  • Generation Y (born between 1976 and 1995):
  • Others (under breakdown by generation):

English Proficiency Estimated percentage of workforce with working English proficiency

% Highly Skilled Estimated percentage of workforce that is white collar

Net Secondary Education Secondary school aged children enrolled in school

Reported Literacy Rate

Gender Gap Ranking from 1 to 144 of countries based on gender disparity in each country

Ratio of R&D Workers to Every 1000 in Workforce


Subcontract Allowed Whether subcontracting is legal in country

Maximum Contract Duration Maximum tenure for single term contract

Visa Free Score Passport Index Number of countries this country's visa provides access to without additional visa

Global Country Welcoming Rank Ranking of countries based on openiness of its visa policies where 1 is most open

Index of Economic Freedom Ranking of countries based on Economic Freedom

Severance Notice Period (Weeks)

# #
# #
Country Global Avg
Country Global Avg
1 year tenure
5 year tenure

Cost Efficiency

Reported Cost of Doing Business of Gross National Income per capita

Is Equal Pay for Equal Work Mandated?
Gender Parity

Parity Requirements

Full (Pay + Benefits) Partial (Pay or Benefits) None (Neither)

In alignment of Permanent and Contingent Workers

Average Monthly Wage (US$)


Regional Average


# #
# #
# #
Labor Market
Technical Readiness in Commerce
Max Probation
Period (months)

Major Restrictions on Night Work

Major Restrictions on Work on Holidays

Average Work Day (Hours)



Average Work Week (Hours)



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