Add to Cart: Candidates are Consumers, Too

The Impact of Candidate Experience on Buying Behaviors

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Employer brand and consumer brand are inextricably linked. A positive candidate experience makes individuals more likely to purchase an organization’s products or services and satisfied customers are more likely to work for companies whose products and services they use. The candidate experience, therefore, has an impact well beyond Human Resources, directly influencing company brand and profitability.

The research looked at the following questions:

  • What is the impact of negative candidate experiences on purchase intent?
  • What types of negative experiences are most damaging?

As part of ManpowerGroup’s Global Candidate Preferences Research, Add to Cart: Candidates are Consumers, Too provides insights into these very questions, helping employers more effectively attract and retain the best candidates.

Key Insights

Explore key findings from the research. Choose a country infographic to download and compare its results with the global average

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