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Work My Way

Talent Solutions works with 250+ companies to meet their ongoing hiring needs. WorkMyWay is designed to build talent pools by skill set and geography. By collaboratively sourcing together in one place, you are leveraging the best of all participating brands. Our recruiters use these full-time, part-time and seasonal candidate pools as a single source of talent for your job openings. Our team takes special care and attention vetting the candidates and ensuring that their qualifications meet the highest industry standards.

WorkMyWay empowers employers through:

  1. Leveraging the employment brands of all participating companies
  2. Just-in-time talent pools for your hiring needs
  3. The ability to create new talent pools for new or specialized roles
  4. Immediate visibility of candidate shift availability
  5. A high-touch experience leading to candidate loyalty throughout the process
  6. A platform to pool prior candidates, referrals, or alumni you may wish to redeploy/ rehire

For more information about talent pools and collaborative hiring, read our latest thought leadership.

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