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Call Centers (also referred to as contact centers) are offices that are set up with the people and technology to deal with large volumes of phone calls, emails and/or chat. Call Center employees are available to respond to customer inquiries, issues, take orders and generally provide excellent customer service. These employees must be comfortable on the phone while simultaneously using a computer.

Call Center environments are like none other in the world of work. They can be very exciting with cheers, high-fives, and high energy. Call Center employers are continuously looking for ways to make the workplace fun and engaging with games, contests and lots of opportunity for recognition. On the service side, agents find that they are often handling issues or problems, so it does require someone positive and resilient. In addition, most people around you are doing the same job which means you have access to best practices, tips and continuous support. Shifts in call centers are usually set and often include weekends. Changing shifts can be challenging in some centers, so make sure the shift you get hired for is one that will work for your lifestyle. Ask about training as well, as training is sometimes held in a different shift than you are hired for.

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