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Here you will find a variety of opportunities including Assemblers & Fabricators, Machine Operators, Industrial Painters, Quality Control Inspectors, Instrument Technicians, and more.

The Manufacturing Industry is responsible for making products that help people live their lives. Manufacturers exist in every industry, and employees here are responsible for bringing products into stores and into people’s homes. What is more satisfying than saying 'I made that'?

Production facilities vary in size, from small bakeries and candy stores to vast complexes that cover several city blocks. Although some of these positions require certification or training, most also hire entry level with on-the-job training. Manufacturing drives innovative thinking, and as the technologies continue to evolve, various opportunities are created for those wishing to develop life-long skills.

The Manufacturing Industry provides a number of career paths, whether into operations and leadership, product development & research or administrative areas. If you are looking for an entry level position to get your foot in the door, or if you are a seasoned technician, WorkMyWay is your destination to be connected with the opportunity that is right for you. Search our opportunities now or register for our WorkMyWay community.

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