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51% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 31% before the pandemic.

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Organizations are managing through unpredictable talent demands, coupled with additional complexity as more employees work from home. To compete and survive, you and your teams must capitalize on the benefits of remote work.

I want to ensure the right balance of full-time and temporary staff to maximize agility in the most cost-effective way

Organizations must have access to business and market intelligence to have insight into how best to structure their workforce. Working with the right mix of temporary and permanent employees helps organizations mitigate risk and enables more outcome-based talent decisions.

How we deliver:

  • Workforce Planning & Composition

  • Workforce Mix Analysis

  • Statement of Work (SOW) Management

I want to leverage Remote & Hybrid Work to attract the best talent

Whether your employees are working from home within minutes of your office, or from across the world, you need to assess and plan for which roles can be done remotely. We identify "remote optimal" roles that help you balance talent availability with cost by leveraging analytics-based decisions for workforce structure. And for roles that can operate remotely, we identify the right markets for your current and future talent needs, balancing cost, competition, and availability.

How we deliver:

  • Remote Work Classification

  • Remote Sourcing Allocation

  • Return to Work Strategy

  • Wage and Diversity Mapping

  • Talent Workforce Index (TWI) Customization for Sustainable Markets

I want to increase workforce flexibility to better respond to fluctuating talent needs

Leveraging business and market intelligence, we provide recommendations for how to create the right mix of on-site, remote, hybrid, full-time, gig, contingent, and project based solutions that enable you to scale where and when needed.

How we deliver:

  • Remote Work Optimization

  • Workforce Planning & Composition

  • Workforce Mix Analysis

Case Studies

Learn how Workforce Consulting delivered closer alignment between business and talent strategies, resulting in higher quality talent, greater operational efficiencies, and enhanced profitability.

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